I have lived my life, starting from a very young age, trying to understand what people are going through. I believe that empathy is central to understanding other people’s experiences and a key aspect of growth and healing. In my work with you, I take time to listen to you so you are heard and understood. I appreciate your perspective by holding a safe space for your thoughts, feelings, and emotions.


The most prominent sign of change and moving forward that I see is acceptance. For me, it has always been about not losing hope and somehow, raising myself above challenges in life. I was truly able to let go of the painful past through the power of acceptance. Self-acceptance is about accepting yourself completely, as who you are. In my practice, I create an accepting environment so you can feel safe, secure, and comfortable. This allows you to understand and become more accepting of yourself as you are, , become unstuck, liberated, and able to move forward, feeling your freedom.


The sliver of gently illuminated hope has often offered me a reason to go on, a reason to push forward in my life. It’s important for me to not let go of hope, no matter what the situation is. In my work with you, I respectfully use motivation for change to help you envision the possibility of a brighter future, creating an invitation to hope.


We all have the ability to turn the negative into a positive; learning to know and trust ourselves, and refuse to accept what is not right for us. Only then do we find the courage to become the best we can be. As your counsellor I’ll create an encouraging and inviting environment, supporting you to talk, open up, and more freely explore issues in great depth. This allows you to also explore your feelings and thoughts more freely. It takes great courage to show up and take the first step of coming to a counselling session. I’ll help you to grow the courage you need to face your life challenges and live the life you deserve. 

Growth/Self Esteem

Nothing really changes unless we take the first steps to make those changes. With those first steps, and the changes that follow, comes self-growth and self-improvement. My life achievements in family and parenting, volunteering, and education have made me humble, never taking any of these opportunities for granted. I have witnessed and lived my growth toward wholeness every day and I love to help others by sharing my experience so they can also reach their goals. My work with you and your feelings about yourself involves the growth and improvement of every aspect of you as a person. I’ll help you developing positive life skills and a realistic and healthy self-esteem.