Family Therapy in North Vancouver, BC

Baby and mother holding hands

Each family member deals with their own stresses, and arguments can occur even in the closest families. It’s when this becomes a problem that family counselling may be necessary.

In my work with families, I help family members improve communication and resolve conflicts. Family members learn key strategies to better understand each other, support one another, and work through difficult emotional distress in a safe and supported space. This way, you can learn to change your behavior and build a family environment of trust and safety.

During family therapy, we will work together to decide how best to address your issues. Because each family is unique, treatment cannot be uniform, and I will use the technique that works best for both the individuals and the group and help your family heal together. 

If you believe your home life could benefit from counseling service, don’t hesitate to contact Growth Stride Counselling in North Vancouver, BC, today.

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