COVID-19 Safety

Due to COVID-19 I am offering sessions online and by phone.

How do I schedule a counselling appointment?

You are welcome to contact me through my contact form on this website, or by phone or email buttons below. I respond as promptly as I am able during business hours.

I offer face-to-face, online, and over-the-phone appointments.

What happens in a Complimentary 30 Minute Consultation?

We begin with a complimentary consultation, which can be on the phone or in person, depending on your preference. This is different than a therapy session as it is really an opportunity for us to talk and get a sense of fit for working together. In these sessions, I like to gain a sense of you and the need that brings you in, and to give you a sense of me and how I assist my clients. It is also an opportunity for you to ask any questions that you may have, though there is no pressure to do so.

What is counselling and how can it help?

“Counselling is a process of talking about and working through your personal problems with a counsellor. The counsellor helps you to address your problems in a positive way by helping you to clarify the issues, explore options, develop strategies and increases self-awareness. For some people, just the process of telling their story to a counsellor, and being listened to, is helpful.” - (2020)

What about fees?

Counselling and Psychotherapy Fees are in accordance with BCACC fee guidelines, my years of experience, and training.

All sessions are 50 minutes.

When longer sessions are needed /requested, and when my schedule permits, fees are prorated. Fees are paid at the end of each session by cheque, cash, credit card, or eTransfer and I provide you with a detailed receipt that includes my registration information.

If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, please give me at least 24 hours notice, as I charge the full session fee for missed, rescheduled, or cancelled appointments with less than 24 hours notice. This policy is based on fairness to you, fairness to me, and to other clients who may need that time.

What about my privacy?

I will keep the information that you share during our sessions confidential, except for these limitations: If I perceive risk of harm or neglect to a child under the age of 19 years, if I believe that you, or another person, are at clear risk of imminent harm, and if I am required to provide information in compliance with a legal order such as a subpoena, or if the disclosure is otherwise required by law.

Will my insurance or extended health benefits cover counselling?

As Registered Clinical Counsellor, my fees are be covered by some extended healthcare plans. If you have insurance coverage, payment for our sessions is made by you and you submit your receipts to your insurer for reimbursement. Please check the specific coverage that you may have.